4Dwm theme for fvwm

We all know fvwm, window manager with huge amount of configuration parameters. In our rcfile we can controll most things by changing default settings from simple twm-like to most complex Crystal with transparency and other modern stuff.
I like Irix look, so I try to get 4dwm from fvwm.


Theme ver 1.2 - flat to be modern.
Screenshot of entire desktop with 1.2.
Theme ver 1.1 - improved mouse bindings, antialiasing fonts and few other things.
Screenshot of entire desktop with 1.1.
Theme ver 1.0
Screenshot of entire desktop with 1.0.


$cd ~
$mkdir .fvwm
$cp Downloaded/4dwm*tar .fvwm
$cd .fvwm
$tar xvf 4dwm*
It's good idea to install 2 additional programs: urxvt and trayer or edit fvwmrc to your needs.

About my theme

Tested on fvwm-2.5.24 and fvwm-2.5.21, Ubuntu 7.10, Kubuntu 7.10 and Windows (cygwin).
  • Buttons layout is based on vectors

  • Pager has two virtual desktop

  • Toolchest has static menu with standard Gnome applications

  • Icons of minimized windows have Irix-like background to get more similar look

  • Pager and toolchest are sticky, they go to active desktop
  • It should run on every system with fvwm (even MS Windows with Cygwin installed)

If you want try some more realistic Irix environment on your Linux, try MaXX Interactive Desktop. It's still unfinished but quite usable and looks better (based on improved motif). Remember, MaXX is not free, for more info check MaXX site.